What to Expect When Having Chemotherapy

One of the most common questions asked by patients facing chemotherapy is “How painful is the treatment?”. Chemotherapy can cause discomfort and sometimes pain, however, it is important to remember that our anticipation of what is going to happen can cause anxiety and distress, which will increase our perception of pain and discomfort. A team […]

Unexplained weight loss causes

Losing weight without dieting or exercise is a pleasant surprise, right? Think again. It might not necessarily be a positive sign. No! This is not to scare you, but instead to make you aware that unexplained or sudden weight loss could be a sign of a disease. This is especially true for those experiencing weight […]

Support an Alzheimer’s Patient

Alzheimer is an early condition of dementia where the patient suffers from memory loss which intensifies with time. It is a progressive brain disorder where the patient loses the ability to think and carry out routine tasks. Living with mental disorder is not easy, it can emotionally, psychologically and physically impact the patient to unimaginable […]

Prevent Road Side Trauma

Prevention is better than Cure. We all are well versed with this age-old saying but do we abide by it? No, many do not! Our careless attitude, fast-paced life and increasing craze for mobile phones have led to increasing cases of road accidents. It’s appalling to see the damage these careless road accidents cause to […]

Oral Cancer: Prevention and Treatment

Oral cancer, which includes cancer of the lips, tongue, cheeks, floor of the mouth, hard and soft palate, and pharynx (throat), appears as a growth or sore in your mouth that does not go away. When it comes to oral health, most of us are usually focused on avoiding cavities or a bad breath and […]

Medical tests to detect lung cancer

Smokers with an increased risk of lung cancer should consider annual lung cancer screening. Therefore, if you’re a smoker or have any other risks for lung cancer, then this screening test will help doctors find the disease before you start noticing any symptoms. This would let the treatment start early, when the condition is easier […]

Lung Cancer: Causes, Stages and Survival Rates

80 to 85 per cent of lung cancer cases reports patients suffering from non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) whereas 15-20 percent of cases suffer from small cell lung cancer (SCLC). This type of cancer grows and spreads faster than NSCLC, which obviously makes it more likely to respond to chemotherapy but it is less likely […]

Liver Cancer Risk Factors

A liver cancer risk factor is anything that increases the chance of developing liver cancer. Since there are no widely recommended routine screening test for liver cancer, people with a family history should talk to the doctor about actions that can be taken to monitor or reduce the risk. The main risk factors associated with […]