Respiratory diseases: Symptoms, Causes and Risk Factors

Have you heard about the medical condition called Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)? Well, it is a type of lung disease which obstructs the air passage of the lungs, making it difficult to function effectively. The primary symptoms of COPD include cough, sputum production, breathing issues and wheezing. This condition is caused due to long […]

World Health Day: “A Healthy Outside Starts From The Inside”

The importance of health has been highlighted in various manuscripts dating from prehistoric times, which still holds great pertinence even today. Health has unanimously been identified as the greatest wealth across more than many advancements and therefore must rack up as the foremost consideration for any human right now. To spread awareness about human health, […]

When Should One Go for Joint Replacement?

Modern-day joint replacement surgery comes across as a common orthopedic procedure for patients suffering from dysfunctional or arthritic joints. It is commonly undertaken by patients with severe joint pain or dysfunction, leading to discomfort and extreme strain during joint movement. Joint pain usually arises due to age factor or prolonged disease such as osteoarthritis or […]

Importance of Global Healthcare

The importance and awareness regarding global healthcare has substantially augmented in recent times, and leading healthcare foundations have come forward to realize global wellness where every individual can have access to improved medical facilities and services to lead a healthy life. As the term suggests, Global health care is the study and practice required for […]

Late-Night Snacks To Help You Sleep Better

Do you also like many others wish to sleep like a child ?… Well if you ask a Doctor, this would be one wish that no one can grant you with and for reasons good enough too. The primary one being the fact that infant sleep patterns are way different from those of adults. Studies […]

Emilia Clarke Shares Her Life Story & How She Coped With Subarachnoid Haemorrhage

Emilia Clarke, popularly known for her character Daenerys Targaryen in the HBO series, Game of Thrones has earned love from fans worldwide. Her strong, powerful character speaks for her dragon courage in real life too. Last week, in an exclusive article she revealed the news of her two near-fatal brain surgeries during the initial shooting […]

Why “It’s Time” to Eradicate Tuberculosis?

Tuberculosis remains the world’s most deadly epidemic, killing nearly 4500 people every day. March 24th is observed as World Tuberculosis day, it marks the discovery Mycobacterium tuberculosis, bacteria causing TB which was discovered by Dr. Robert Koch. It was only after the discovery of the bacterium its diagnosis and cures were studied, hence this day […]

The Importance of maintaining Healthy Body Weight

You must have heard about the saying ‘Health is Wealth’! Well, this is absolutely true, you will be surprised to know that just by maintaining healthy body weight; you can actually prevent yourself from many diseases. And if you have a family history of diseases like diabetes, heart problem, blood pressure etc. then you better […]