All you need to know about Colorectal diseases and their treatments

Gastroenterology is classified into two major divisions, namely hepatology and proctology. Wherein hepatology deals with the functions, management and ailments of liver, gall bladder, biliary tree and pancreas, proctology deals with anal, colon and rectal parts of the humans. Although many people can be seen talking and discussing about hepatology, it is proctology which people […]

What is the truth about saturated fats?

More often than not saturated fats are considered to be “bad fats” because of the high amount of fatty acid molecules in them. These have been linked to increase in cholesterol level amongst people. However, the recent news about saturated fats is that 3 British cardiologists have said that saturated fats do not increase the […]

Is Your Heart Ageing with You?

Everybody aspires for a healthy beating heart, don’t they? The heart is the most important organ in our system that beats around 1, 00,000 times a day flushing out deoxygenated blood. It relentlessly takes care of the blood requirements of our body adjusting to our actions. As we age, our heart ages too with time. […]

Caring for an aging heart

As your age increases, your body and its organs also start aging. This includes the heart as well, and in India more than one third of the deaths are caused due to heart diseases. There are various health diseases like coronary artery disease, cardiomyopathy, valvular heart disease, etc. that people will age above 50 are […]