Yoga – The Secret to Good Health

Yoga - The Secret to Good Health

Yoga is an ancient Indian practice for healthy living. It focuses on establishing and maintaining harmony between your mind and body. Several studies have proved the effectiveness of yoga in improving flexibility, preventing cancer, asthma, and improving heart health.

Still, don’t have enough reasons to start doing yoga? Let us share with you a few more ways yoga helps you in living a peaceful and healthy life.

Improves sleep

Practicing yoga and meditation early morning helps you sleep better and makes you feel more relaxed and at ease. It is a good therapy to stress management and keeping yourself calm throughout the day. It provides you a relief from the hustle and bustle of modern lifestyle, betters your sleep and thereby, makes you feel less tired. Wake up feeling fresh and energetic every morning

Improves immunity

Yoga asanas are known to strengthen your immune system. If you practice yoga, you are less likely to catch a cold, fever, headaches and other seasonal illnesses. Yoga helps you keep sickness at bay.

Not just your immune system, yoga also improves flexibility, builds muscle strength and perfects your posture. Maintaining a good posture saves you from back, neck, muscle and joint problems. Doing yoga the right way also protects your spine, and gives strength to your bones.

Increases blood flow

Doing yoga gets your blood flowing, boosting circulation in your body; especially in your hands and feet. Improved blood circulation ensures that more oxygen reaches your cells, helping them function better. At the same time, it also prevents your risk for a heart attack or a stroke.

Improves mood

Yoga brings peace and harmony to your mind and body. It not only makes you feel more relaxed but, can also cure depression. Consistent yoga practice leads to improved mood, making you feel happier and relaxed.

With the International Day of Yoga – 21st June just around the corner, let us adopt a 30 minutes yoga session in our everyday lifestyle.

Practicing yoga on regular basis will keep you safe from a number of diseases and risk factors. Expert health practitioners also prefer preventive measures over treatments. Thus, we at PSRI Hospital organize preventive health check-ups to ensure wellness and prevent illnesses. To schedule your appointment for complete health check-up at PSRI Hospital, call us at +91-9582261502.
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