Understanding Appendicitis during Pregnancy

Understanding Appendicitis during Pregnancy

Appendicitis occurs when the appendix gets inflamed and is filled with pus. This condition requires immediate surgery and removal of the appendix. If the pus is not treated then it may burst and spread around the body causing serious infection.

Appendicitis is a common surgical emergency occurring in women who are and are not pregnant.

As pregnancy usually comes with constant discomfort and pain here and there in the body, differentiating between appendix pain and routine pain can be difficult. As the diagnosis of appendicitis in pregnant women gets difficult, the treatment gets delayed. This delayed diagnosis can lead to a serious of complications in pregnant women especially as their body is weak and prone to outer infection. Therefore pregnant women should be extra cautious during this time if they feel constant abdominal pain. If left unattended, acute appendicitis can lead to fetal loss as well. It is important to diagnosis appendix pain early. A pregnant woman usually faces these symptoms during appendicitis;

  1. Acute abdominal pain in the right lower quadrant of the abdomen.
  2. Vaginal bleeding is not normal during pregnancy. So if abdomen pain is accompanied with vaginal bleeding then urgent consultant is required
  3. Persistent high fever with abdominal swelling
  4. Loss of appetite, fatigue and constipation are common in pregnancy as well, it is best to consult a doctor before the appendix gets ruptured leading to fetal morbidity.

Once the appendicitis is diagnosed, appendectomy should not be delayed. The type of treatment performed depends upon the stage of pregnancy. If the woman is in the first or second trimester, laparoscopy is sufficient however the third trimester calls for careful and bigger surgery requiring precision and expertise.

Appendicitis being a common condition in pregnant women, appendectomy is extremely safe for pregnant women. The surgery doesn’t increase the risk of miscarriage so they need not feel scared. Surgical management of inflamed appendix during pregnancy is the best option for cure at any gestation. Sometimes surgery during third trimester may lead to simultaneous delivery of the foetus, however the chances are rare.

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