Treating Digestive Disorders with Excellence

The gastrointestinal health conditions like heartburn, bloating, indigestion and constipation are most common in the community and if it is not treated on time and can result into the chronic disease. The PSRI hospital has designed a dedicated gastroenterology department where a comprehensive treatment is delivered by experts. The department is highly committed and focused on treating patients confronted with diseases of the liver, gall bladder, stomach, intestine, esophagus, pancreatic and digestion problems.

The PSRI hospital named at the top gastroenterology hospital in Delhi for its multi-disciplinary approach of treating the illnesses through medication, surgeries and therapies via the excellent team of expert professions who leaves no stone unturned. The team of gastroenterologists perform high-end procedures which are based on international standards and protocols.

The department excels in offering integrated services like diagnostic procedures, consultation, therapeutic and surgical procedures with the most advanced technology and state of the art techniques to achieve utmost results. Gastroenterology department is supported by the round the clock services of laboratory, blood bank, ICU, radiology and emergency services to deliver comprehensive treatment option in a timely manner.

The department holds years of experience in treating the gastrointestinal disorders and allied diseases and implement most advanced procedures to deal with critical issues with commitment and great accuracy. The department incorporates trained and skilled staff who are dedicated to take personalised care of the patients.

The center is recognised as best gastroenterology hospital in Delhi for delivering the optimum treatment plan mapped by experts and specialists with the combination of procedures. The hospital also excels in offering world class treatment for all the urological problems by well qualified and experienced urologists. The hospital stands secondary to none in delivering treatment and stands the best liver treatment hospital in India.

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