Kidney Transplantation: Transforming life with Advanced Medical Procedures

PSRI is one of the most reputed hospitals in Delhi offers spectacular kidney transplant procedures and dialysis procedures with eminent nephrologists in Delhi. The kidney transplant surgeries hold the reasonable amount of complexities that are overcome by experienced and pioneer surgeons of the hospital. The entire nephrology team has performed hundreds of successful kidney transplant procedures and always strive to improve the health condition of the patients with compassion.

A kidney transplant is a surgical procedure of removing the diseased kidney and replacing a healthy functional kidney at the best Kidney Transplantation Services in Delhi. The department offers excellent treatment for Hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, renal transplantation, kidney stones, kidney infections, and cysts. An initial evaluation and diagnostic procedures like urine tests, blood tests, kidney biopsy, and ultrasound are recommended to map the treatment plan in a better way.

The hospital assembled team of renowned surgeons, urologists, gastroenterologists and other medical practitioners to deliver treatment with the multidisciplinary approach. The department imparts world class kidney transplant treatment with a great level of accuracy. The procedures like minimal invasive surgeries are implemented for the quick recovery and to reduce complications.

Well equipped infrastructure with top notch technology assists in delivering quality treatment that meets international protocols and standards. Facilities like customized operation theaters, high-end diagnostic labs, radiology and blood bank facilities are delivered. The hospital stands proficient kidney transplantation center in Delhi provides round a clock care and support to kidney transplant patients. All the medical services are cost effective and authentic offered at the hospital.

At this Kidney Transplantation Services in Delhi, the treatment of transplant includes medical and surgical procedures, diagnostic procedures, anesthesia and hospital stay. The center excels in pre and post operative care and consultation to the patient for better rehabilitation.

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