Case Study: Couples from Different Backgrounds Donate Kidney in ‘Triple SWAP’ Saving Three Lives

Case Study: Couples from Different Backgrounds Donate Kidney in 'Triple SWAP' Saving Three Lives

For a kidney transplant, it is a prerequisite to have a donor who has the same blood group as the patient. If the blood group of the patient and donor doesn’t match then a kidney transplant cannot be performed. There are many cases where patients have to go through a long struggle in order to find a kidney donor with the same blood group. To facilitate this donor search process PSRI came up with a Transplant portal that works as a vital platform for the patients to find the same blood group donor without any hassle.

This portal has worked as a great resource for many patients. One such example is a recent case, when three kidney patients registered on the PSRI transplant portal with the hope to find a kidney donor of the same blood group. These three patients registered with their wives as donors but unfortunately their wives couldn’t donate a kidney to each of them due to different blood groups. They registered on our SWAP transplant platform in order to find a donor of the same blood group. After receiving the query our team called all the three patients and performed a detailed verification. After successful completion of the same, our transplant team invited these three patients with their respective donors to the hospital.

The three couples arrived at the hospital, where our team introduced these six individuals to each other. There were several hurdles at the start among which a religious hurdle was the major one because one of the couple was from the Muslim community and the other two were Hindu. The blood group of the Muslim couple, Mr. Umar Yusuf was B+ and his wife Mrs. Sana Khatoon was O+. The second couple was Mr. Ajay Shukla who was O+ and Mrs. Maya Shukla who was A+. The third couple was Mr. Kamlesh Mandle who was A+ and Mrs. Laxmi Chaya Mandle who was B+. Religious hurdles arose in two cases where Mr. Yusuf had to accept a kidney from Mrs. Mandle, a donor from the same blood group, B+. Mr. Shukla could accept a kidney from Mrs. Khatoon, a donor with her blood type O+ matching the patient. In the third transplant case, both Mr. Kamlesh Mandle and Mrs. Maya Shukla were A+, who belonged to different families.

With the combined efforts of our counseling and transplant team, all the doubts, queries and religious complications were resolved among the patients and donors. All of them showed belief and trust in the team of doctors assigned to them. It was also important for us to take consent from the patient and donor’s guardian, which was granted without any hassle. Everyone involved in the case was explained about a triple SWAP transplant and its benefits. The group agreed that a triple transplant would save three lives, with mutual consent the decision of conducting a triple SWAP transplant at PSRI was taken. All the three transplants were performed together on the same day.

This is a unique case of kidney transplant, where neither religion, region nor community was considered a barrier. The one and only thing that mattered to each one was to save a life and see their individual partner in good health. In no time our triple SWAP transplant team including four Surgeons, 100 + supporting staff and 6 anaesthesia doctors prepared to perform the transplant at PSRI hospital where six interconnected operation theatres were utilized. On 3rd July 2018, our urology experts Dr. P.P Singh, Dr. Amit Singh Malhotra, Dr. Jagdeep Balyan and Dr. Bhaskar Bohra performed the triple SWAP transplant successfully with the combined effort of our highly experienced nephrology team Dr. Sanjiv Saxena, Dr. Rajesh Goyal and Dr. Ravi Bansal.

The team started the surgery at 7:00 AM in the morning and with combined effort of the Urology and Nephrology team the transplant surgery successfully concluded at 10:30 P.M. The patients were kept under observation for a few days and were soon discharged as healthy individuals. All the three patients have now fully recovered and are living a healthy life with medical assistance from our team of doctors.

PSRI Hospital specializes in kidney transplant with some of the best renowned doctors from around the country. For more information on kidney transplant and how you can find the same blood group donor, contact our specialized transplant team at PSRI or simply call us on 9582261502 for an appointment.

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