Preventive Measures for Hepatitis C


According to medical professionals, the only way through which Hepatitis C can be transmitted is through blood transfer. It can be transmitted even by exposure to a slight amount of infected blood. Unfortunately, there is no vaccine to prevent Hepatitis C infection and that is why it is important to follow the steps of prevention in order to save oneself from this deadly disease:

1.Don’t share needles: Intravenous drug users are at higher risk of getting infected with hepatitis C because a majority of them share needles. Apart from the needle, the virus can also spread through other equipment used with illicit drugs. There are changes that the virus may also spread by sharing straw or dollar bill when snorting cocaine.

2.Avoid direct exposure to blood products or blood: The health care providers and medical workers are at a greater risk of exposure. That is why it is highly recommended to take precautionary measures to avoid coming into contact with blood. The tools that draw blood in the workplace should be sterilized or discarded safely to prevent hepatitis C infection.

3.Avoid sharing personal care items: The personal care items that we use on a daily basis are occasionally exposed to blood. IT is common for people to get a cut while shaving or their gums may bleed while brushing the teeth. Even the slightest amount of this blood can potentially infect someone who uses such an item. That is why it is important to avoid sharing personal care items such as scissors, toothbrushes, razors, hair and clippers. If you are infected with hepatitis C then make sure to keep your personal items separate and out of the reach of children.

4.Practice safe sex: It is rare that hepatitis C gets transmitted through sexual intercourse but one can be at higher risk if they have HIV, sexually transmitted disease, multiple sex partners or engage in rough sex.

5.Be careful while choosing a piercing and tattoo parlour: Always make sure to choose only a licensed tattoo and piercing artist who follows appropriate sanitary products. A new, disposable needle and inkwell should be used for each customer. If you are doubtful about these factors then inquire about the disposable produces and sanitary procedures before getting a piercing or tattoo.

It is important to pay attention to these steps of prevention because Hepatitis C is a severe disease that can prove to be life-threatening. For more on hepatitis C prevention feel free to contact our liver specialists at the PSRI Hospital (

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