Pediatric Liver Care Post-Transplant Surgery

Pediatric Liver Care Post-Transplant Surgery

Parents of liver transplant recipient children have to face complicated health issues associated with their child. It is a lifelong process to live with a liver transplant. Your child has to take immunosuppressants and other medicines for the rest of his/her life. Regular checkups and follow up visits are required to ensure that the transplanted liver is functioning properly. When your child gets old, he/she will have to learn about anti-rejection medications and everything about liver transplant that their parents have learnt.

When your child goes home from the hospital, he may need frequent visits to the Pediatric Liver Transplant Program. The child will be examined and will have to undergo regular blood tests at the hospital. The first year after transplant is the duration in which rejection and other issues are likely to occur after the transplant. It is really important that the transplant team physicians and nurses closely monitor the child, especially since rejection is often detected first with the blood test.

The normal schedule of post-transplant clinic visits can ideally be:

  • Once a week for the first month post-transplant
  • Every two weeks for the second month
  • Once a month for the next two months
  • Twice for every two months
  • Twice for every three months
  • Twice for every six months
  • Once a year

The medical specialist may also recommend children to get laboratory tests at least every three months for the rest of his life. However, it is possible to live a normal life with a few restrictions and adequate care. Children can attend school, participate in physical activities if the doctor recommends so. Within the last few decades, liver transplant has become a definitive, effective and universally accepted treatment for end-stage liver diseases. The long-term survival rate for children is about 80% that is improving with the technological advancements.

If you have any doubt about how your child’s life will be after transplant both in present and future then don’t hesitate to contact our medical professionals at PSRI Hospital ( You may also give us a ring on 9582261502.

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