Tips to Select an Orthopaedic Surgeon at The Best Orthopaedic Hospital

Because of the increasing stress in the modern lifestyle, lack of exercise and physical activity and poor choice of food, the orthopaedic ailments related to hip, neck, knee and spine are on a rise. When the damage to your musculoskeletal system increases and becomes severe then it becomes necessary to visit an orthopaedic surgeon. There […]

Liver Health – Myths v/s Facts

Liver diseases often come silently, without any noticeable symptoms in most cases. If left untreated for long, liver diseases can lead to cirrhosis and cancer, demanding urgent liver transplant or may even cause death. It is thus, extremely important to take care of your liver health. But before that you need to know the facts […]

How to Minimise Your Risk of Malaria?

Do you know? India has the 4th highest number of malaria cases and deaths in the world, as per WHO’s 2017 World Malaria Report. WHO is constantly making efforts to reduce the global risk of malaria by 2020. The theme for this year’s observance of World Malaria Day 2018 on 25th April is – Ready to Beat Malaria. Contributing to the […]

Don’t Go Blind, Take Care of Your Eyes

If you have never faced a vision problem, you have probably never felt the need to take care of your eyes. However, in today’s digital age of gadgets, computer-related jobs and the internet, it is very common to feel strain over your eyes after prolonged periods of doing eye-intensive work. In such a scenario, your […]

Women More Prone to Kidney Diseases than Men

Image Source: Pexels Women are more prone to kidney diseases than men, mainly due to anatomical and physiological reasons. As a woman, you are at a greater risk of urinary infections and chronic kidney diseases (CKD) when compared to men. Women are more prone to UTIs and Kidney Infections UTIs or urine tract infections are […]

Raw Honey -Every Doctor’s Friend

Image Source: Remedies for Me Raw honey is blessed with incredible nutritional value and health benefits. It can help you with everything from low energy to bloating, wounds to sleep issues, and digestive problems to seasonal allergies. This is why honey has been used as a folk remedy since ages and is also every doctor’s […]