Five Myths about Angioplasty Recovery

Five Myths about Angioplasty Recovery
An angioplasty is a surgical procedure that is performed to unblock or repair a blood vessel particularly in the coronary artery. People generally have a lot of confusion about how this procedure is performed and what are the risks involved. There are several myths about angioplasty that leads to more confusions. Here are some common myths supported by actual facts about angioplasty:

Myth 1: One needs to do complete bed rest after getting discharged from the hospital postangioplasty

Fact: After an elective (non-emergency) angioplasty procedure one can resume all his normal activities in about a week. However, it is important to avoid lifting heavy weight and any other physical activity that involves exertion in the first few weeks. It is highly recommended to walk around. Most patients are able to get up and move only a few hours after the procedure. However, in case of emergency angioplasty after a heart attack one may need several weeks to recover completely.

Myth 2: It is not necessary to take heart medicine if I feel better after the procedure

Fact: If a stent procedure was performed during angioplasty, the doctor will prescribe blood-thinning medication in order to prevent a blood clot from forming within it. In case of a bare-metal stent, one needs to take medication for about a month. In case of a drug-eluting stent, it would be essential to take the medicine for at least a year. In case you stop taking medications, it will increase your risk of developing a blood clot that could block the blood flow and result to another heart attack.

Myth 3: One can keep smoking after the procedure and could just get the procedure done again if needed

Fact: Smoking should be completely avoided after an angioplasty. It can increase the chances of blocking the artery again leading to complicated health situation.

Myth 4: One shouldn’t exercise after angioplasty

Fact: After the procedure, it is important to follow up with your doctor and begin with the exercise routine suggested by him after a few weeks of the procedure. It is very important to consult the doctor before you begin with your exercise regimen.

These are some of the common myths and facts about angioplasty which one should definitely know before the procedure. To clear all your doubts about angioplasty visit us on or call us on 9582261502 to get your appointment fixed.

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