Most Comprehensive and Dedicated Treatment of Liver

Liver diseases are the most common and life-threatening health conditions occur in India. Performing the significant functions, Liver processes fats, proteins and carbohydrates and also excretes digestive juice known as bile which can accumulate if the liver does not function well. A liver failure can lose the capability of the liver to clot the blood, removing the toxin from blood, storing and process the vital nutrients in the body.

A liver transplant is one of the effective treatment options for the condition of liver failure. PSRI hospital is renowned center offers extensive treatment for complex liver failure by the eminent and qualified surgeon who delivers the unmatched liver transplant surgery in Delhi. A liver transplant is the surgical procedure performed to replace the diseased or failed liver with a healthy liver.

A long-term infection or excessive intake of alcohol can result into liver failure and raise a risk to the life. The hospital assembled a talented and well-qualified team of surgeons having years of experience in Liver Transplant Surgery in Delhi. The entire team and assisted staff strive to achieve successful outcomes and unmatched results.

The hospital offers end to end treatment by delivering comprehensive diagnostic solutions to post-operative care with complete accuracy. The screening is performed before the transplant procedure, involves

  • Imaging procedures
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Blood Test

After the surgery, the patient is under observation for monitoring the health condition at the hospital. A dedicated rehabilitating team is designed for care and support for quick recovery. The hospital is a front runner in offering a committed best liver treatment hospital in India that has improved the quality of life of hundreds of patient and delivered a healthy lifestyle to them.

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