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The general perception about liver cancer is that it is the last stage of disease, and a patient detected with liver tumor has little life remaining. This was how I was taught when I was a medical student.

Over the years as a liver surgeon, I have seen the management of liver tumors evolve- both cancer arising primarily in the liver as well as those that have spread to the liver.

Advances in management of tumors arising in the liver has changed to such an extent that we can offer possible cure! For better understanding of tumors treatment sharing few cases of different type.

For Example, Mr G.  had one tumor of 6 cm in size but on the vein so surgical option was not appropriate so for such cases we choose TACE for the treatment of the tumor, after the treatment he is continuously in touch with me. now he is fine & rejoined his duty in a sugar mill.

For example, Mr. S… had three tumors 3 cm in size scattered in both right and left lobes, in a liver that was damaged (cirrhosis) from hepatitis C. Five years ago we performed a liver transplant operation, (removed his liver with the tumors and replaced it with half a liver from his relative). Today he manages his factory, provides for his family and another ten employees and their families. He can expect to survive another two decades or more!

Take another example: Mr. A, aged 67, underwent removal of a small bowel tumor 8 years ago. Earlier last year he was diagnosed to have a recurrence of tumor isolated to the liver. It was located in an odd position close to the main veins of the liver. He underwent a technically difficult 8-hour operation, and after a ten-day recovery period, was back on his feet. He looks forward to celebrating his 75th birthday with us!

For those liver tumors where we cannot cure, we can effectively manage the pain and slow the growth of most! It is most gratifying for me as a liver surgeon, to have been a part of changing outlook of liver tumors: from one hopelessness to one full of hope!

Attached below is a picture of a 6kg liver tumor that was operated and removed.

Designation : Director Liver Transplantation
Deprtment : Liver Transplant & Surgical Gastro

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