Liver Biopsy for Diagnosis and Treatment

Liver Biopsy for Diagnosis and Treatment

People say, ‘The greatest Wealth is Health’, therefore to ensure proper functioning of the body, we have to nurture and protect our organs from damage and diseases. Our liver is the largest solid organ of our body that plays a major role in keeping our body clean from the toxins. An unhealthy liver can make us extremely sick, therefore to detect the presence of abnormalities in the cells of the liver, surgeons perform a liver biopsy. In a liver biopsy, a needle is inserted between the ribs into the liver to cut several small tissues of the liver. These tissues are then later sent for proper examination and evaluation. A liver biopsy helps in accurate evaluation of liver diseases and their causes.

The procedure:
A majority of the diseases affect the liver as a whole without being region specific, therefore a small piece of tissue cut from the liver is a perfect representative of the diseases affecting the liver.

While in needle biopsy, a needle is inserted into the liver and samples are collected, liver biopsy can also be performed through laparoscopy by making small incisions.

The usefulness:
1. Liver biopsy also acts as a great source of monitoring the results and effectiveness of a therapy. A follow-up biopsy can help to determine whether a treatment is working and showing results or not.
2. A liver biopsy helps in proper examination of the liver to find whether it’s infected or cancerous when blood tests and fibro scan are not clear.
3. Some liver disorders like alcoholic liver diseases, autoimmune hepatitis, chronic hepatitis etc. require liver biopsy results for proper diagnosis and treatments.
4. Other tests may not work that well when the liver has a tumour or mass, in such cases liver biopsy is shown to provide accurate results. Etc.

While liver biopsy is associated with excessive bleeding and pain, developments in new technologies and advancements in the medical science have redefined the role of liver biopsies.

The surgery for liver, pancreas and bile duct have seen significant advancements over the last decade in managing diseases and cancer. Several new surgical procedures have been introduced and old ones have been redefined.

Liver biopsy is one surgical procedure that demands high precision and accuracy, one can visit PSRI ( for a safe and healthy experience. We use ultrasound scan to ensure accuracy and to prevent the organs from puncturing.

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