Kidney Transplant: What Role Does Blood Group Play?

If a person’s kidneys get afflicted by a kidney disease and the disease persists, there is a possibility that his/her kidneys might completely stop functioning some day and then there is bound to raise the urgent need to replace those failed and non-functional kidneys with healthy and working ones. A kidney transplant entails placing a healthy kidney inside the patient’s body to do the work which his/her own kidneys can no longer do. This healthy kidney is placed in the lower abdomen (belly) of the patient, the reason being that it is quite easy to connect the new kidneys to the important blood vessels and bladder in this area.

Earlier, it was very important to match the blood groups of the donor and the recipient, failing which the kidney transplant was bound to be unsuccessful. The reason behind it was the possibility of the recipient’s blood containing antibodies that could react to the donor’s blood type. Such an antibody reaction could immediately cause the recipient to reject the transplant. Therefore, in those days, the only way out was to identify recipient-donor transplant pairs with compatible ABO blood types.

But now, the scenario has changed and it is possible to transplant kidneys between those donors and recipients also whose blood types do not match. Such a kidney transplant is termed as a ‘blood group incompatible kidney transplant’.

In a blood group incompatible kidney transplant, also known as an ABO incompatible kidney transplant, the recipient of the kidney transplant receives medical treatment before and after the transplant so that the antibody levels in his/her blood can be lowered and the risk of antibodies rejecting the donor’s kidney can be reduced.

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