Kidney SWAP transplant saves lives

Kidney SWAP transplant saves lives

One of the major healthcare issue is kidney failure. Still, only a few people who need a transplant, proceed for the surgery with a kidney from a family donor or a deceased donor (a deceased donor is someone who has died in an accident and has donated his kidney). A large number of patients with kidney failure opt for dialysis because they are unable to find a deceased donor and do not have a family donor or have a family donor who is an incompatible match.

In case you are advised to get a kidney transplant but you are not able to find a suitable match then a SWAP kidney transplant by PSRI Hospital is a great option for you. Here at PSRI, many successful kidney transplant operations have been performed. The SWAP kidney transplant can be defined as a simple barter system that means a give and take deal between two pairs of donor and recipient. In this barter framework, it is better to get maximum returns when the pool is large and complex algorithms for exchange are built. A SWAP pair consists of a donor and (a family member) and a recipient (a patient). These pairs are such in which the donor is an incompatible match for the recipient.

What happens during a SWAP transplant?

A kidney SWAP transplant is a great initiative by PSRI in which two families exchange and organ. These families are such in which the donor cannot directly donate a kidney to their own family member because their blood group doesn’t match. This transplant can also be called as a ‘paired exchange’.

This minimizes the shortfall of organs and allows the patients to find a suitable donor legally. This method is highly suitable for the patient who cannot undergo a transplant surgery due to blood group mismatch with their own family member. Such transplants are important for certain patients. These patients can visit the Kidney transplant portal at PSRI hospital ( and register themselves as a patient in need of a suitable donor. For more, you can simply call on 9582261502 and get an appointment with a medical expert for a SWAP kidney transplant.

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