Signs you need a joint replacement


Sometimes, your joints may get worn off over time; especially those in the knees and hips. They may get so painful that medicinal treatments and physiotherapy may not be helpful and your doctor recommends joint replacement.

What is a joint replacement?

Joint replacement is a surgical process where experience orthopedic surgeons remove the damaged or diseased parts of a joint and replace them with new, man-made parts. The joints that are replaced most often include the hips and the knees.

How to know if you need a joint replacement?

If you experience more than one of the below signs and symptoms, it suggests that you need a joint replacement:

  • You have severe pain, the kind that persists through medication and keeps you awake all night.
  • You can no longer complete routine daily tasks without help, such as walking and bending over, due to pain.
  • Your arthritis has reached the advanced state, causing significant damage to the cartilage and joint.
  • You have osteoarthritis and it feels like the disease is wearing you down physically.
  • You are suffering severe side effects from the medications for your painful knee or hip.
  • You have had a partial knee replacement or other arthroscopic procedures like meniscus or cartilage repair. These are not long-term solutions and may put you at a higher risk for full replacement.
  • You are overweight and your body weight is putting immense pressure on your knee or hip joints. More pressure over time can weaken the joint and wear it off to that extent.

To prevent such situations, maintain your weight, follow a healthy lifestyle and care for your joints. If you notice any of the above-mentioned signs, you must consult your doctor immediately.

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  • Total joint replacement – shoulder/elbow/wrist/finger joints
  • Total/partial knee replacement
  • Total hip replacement
  • Knee deformity correction
  • Arthroscopic surgery for shoulder joint and knee injuries
  • Spine surgery and deformity correction

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