This is a common observation patients complaining that their joint pain increases in cold weather. Same is noticed when patient visits mountains from planes like Delhi. Most of the time patients are explained this is their subjective feeling. Though no firm scientific reason has been established there is one theory of barometric pressure which to an extent can explain this.

Our body tissues  surfaces are subjected to weight of the air pressing all around. This constant pressure ensure tissues do not swell up. As environmental temperature  dips or as changes in humidity happens, there is drop in barometric pressure in air. This drop in pressure allows tissue to swell and accumulate inflammation which causes joint and muscle pains. Along with this pressure drop, anything humid or cold can cause ligaments or muscles and tendons to tighten up. This gives a feeling of body and joint stiffness.

To keep comfortable during this weather it is important to keep warm. Use protective clothing to keep you cozy and dont let your joints get directly exposed to cold. Before walking or doing any physical activity, it is always a good idea to do warm ups like stretching. Use of hot fomentations, creams or heating pads can keep the joints and muscle warm and relax. Do not use any pain killers or start medications without consulting your orthoapedician.

Dr. Garuav Bhardwaj,
Chief Knee & Hip Replacement & Arthroscopy,

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