Ignoring Liver problems can be a matter of concern

People usually link liver diseases to alcohol and drugs. However, this is not true as there are more than 100 types of liver diseases and there are variety of other reasons for their cause. Liver diseases affect everyone, from children to older people irrespective of their sex. Majority of the times, people don’t come to know about their liver disease because it hardly causes any symptoms and the patient comes to know about the disease only when significant damage is already done. Therefore, it is important if you suspect that you are suffering from liver disease, you should immediately contact the medical professional in this field at Super Speciality Hospital for Liver.

Here, the doctor will perform certain tests like blood tests or will look for symptoms like jaundice, swelling in abdomen etc. to check if you have liver disease or not. At times, liver biopsy is also done by the doctors. In this method, the doctor will remove a little tissue with the help of needle from your liver and then examine it under the microscope to check for liver disease. He may even suggest you for some imaging tests like CT scan, ultrasound, MRI, ERCP etc. to check for the damage caused to your liver. In order to get these tests done, you don’t need to go anywhere as the best Super Speciality Hospital for Liver  in Delhi provides you with all such facilities under one roof.

PSRI hospital is a famous Super Speciality Hospital for Liver in Delhi where patients not only from India but also abroad come for the treatment of liver diseases. Best medical services that are same as international standards are given to the patients and it is ensured that patients are in their full comfort zone during their treatment. 24 hours emergency services are available for complicated & emergency cases.

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