Highly Experienced and Specialist Urologist at PSRI hospital

urologyDoctors always treat much more than a disease. They compel the patients to have a positive outlook on life. Moreover, they give them a ray of hope, a possibility that their life would take a turn for better. PSRI Hospital Offering such hope and bringing smiles to the face of the patients, is one such hospital. It is the Best urology center in Delhi in respect of Kidney Stone Hospitals in the country. In addition, with state-of-art facilities, as well as highly trained and skilled Urology Specialists on employ. PSRI Hospital this is the go-to hospital, if people have the problem of stones in the kidney they guarantee them, a complete satisfaction and total cure.

Therefore, some points in respect of Best urology center in Delhi :

  • The Hospital also holds a Guinness World Record for removing the largest kidney stone in the entire world. PSRI Hospital were the very first hospital in India, which had treated the youngest patient with stone as well as the oldest patient with stone .They were also the Best urology center in Delhi medical institution to treat the kidney stones in a patient with a Permanent cardiac pacemaker, through the technique of Lithotripsy.
  • PSRI Hospital not only treats Indian patients, many foreigners have also visited the facilities for the treatment of kidney stones, because of the expertise. Moreover, rich experience in this domain, as well as the fact that treatment at the facility proves to be extremely cost-effective. This boosts medical tourism in the country. Furthermore, patients, national as well as International, have shown complete faith in the medical capabilities of. PSRI Hospital, and as a result, they are the best Kidney Stone Hospital in the country.
  • The esteemed faculty is internationally trained; they are the only medical institution with International Publications and National publications. The only medical facility to have been certified. PSRI Hospital have over superspeciality Urology centers around the country and offer all available modalities for stone and prostate disease management under a single roof. More about PSRI Hospital visit here

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