Saving Lives with Immediate Care at PSRI’s Emergency Unit

Sudden illness or injury may come uninvited, asking for immediate emergency care. In most emergency care cases like a road accident, brain injury, stroke, cardiac emergency, poisoning, fire injury, household fall or electric shock, you need urgent and accurate diagnosis followed by quick and appropriate treatment.

During all medical and surgical emergency cases, you can rely on PSRI Hospital’s Emergency department for immediate diagnosis and treatment with quality care. The hospital’s emergency department is available 24×7 round the year for handling all kinds of emergency and critical care cases.

The department is well-equipped and managed by highly experienced and competent physicians for urgent care during:

  • Road traffic accident
  • Cardiac emergency
  • Brain or stroke emergency
  • Neuro emergency
  • Household fall due to low blood pressure or excessive stress, etc.
  • Trauma emergency
  • Electric shock emergency
  • Orthopaedic emergency like fracture, knee dislocation, etc.
  • Poisoning emergency
  • Drug reaction
  • Any surgical and medical emergency

Along with experienced physicians and critical care experts, PSRI Hospital’s emergency services are backed by renowned specialists for advanced neurology, nephrology, cardiology, orthopaedics, medical and surgical gastroenterology, physiotherapy and kidney and liver transplant units.

The emergency department is powered by state-of-the-art infrastructure and the latest equipment for advanced care. This includes:

  • Advanced life support ambulance service
  • Round the clock lab and pharmacy services
  • 24×7 DSA or neurology interventional facility
  • Radiology unit with the most advanced CT scan and MRI machines along with x-ray and ultrasound facility
  • Dedicated segment for critically ill patients
  • Plaster room
  • Dedicated area for wound care
  • Multi-channel monitoring units
  • Ventilators
  • Bedside haemodialysis facility
  • Syringe and volumetric pumps

For the convenience of emergency care patients and their families, reception, help desk and billing desk have been arranged on the same floor.

PSRI Hospital provides round the clock ambulance services on a call. You can call the 24 hours helpline number: 011-30611700 for a well-equipped advanced life support ambulance. In case of cardiac emergency, the hospital also provides air ambulance support through a dedicated cardiac helpline.

Healthcare experts at PSRI Hospital are just a call away! Seek immediate medical help by calling the 24 hours helpline numbers: 011-30611700, +91-9582261515

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