Long-Term Health Consequences of Drug Abuse


Indulging in drug abuse can have serious adverse effects on your mental, physical and behavioral health. The longer your addiction lasts, the greater will be its impacts.

As the world stands united against drug abuse on 26th June – the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, let us talk about the long-term health consequences of drug abuse and how can it be prevented.

Drug abuse and physical health

Abusing drugs can lead to a number of health issues, affecting your kidneys, liver, heart and lungs.

  • Many substances cause dehydration and increased body temperature, which can affect your kidneys. Habitual use of drugs for many years can damage your kidneys over time, leading to kidney failure.
  • Though liver health is mostly associated with alcohol abuse, drug abuse can also have a toll over your liver health. Consuming opioids, steroids, inhalants or DXM for years would put immense pressure on your liver (the organ responsible for clearing toxins from bloodstream). It can lead to chronic inflammation, scarring of tissues and liver failure.
  • Drug abuse leads to increased heart rate and blood pressure. If you take drug through injections, it can make your veins collapse or cause infections in the bloodstream.
  • Drugs like heroin and opioids slow down your breathing rate. Inhaling drugs like marijuana and cocaine can damage your lungs.

Drug abuse and mental health

Any form of addiction, including drug and alcohol abuse can lead to serious mental health issues and psychological disorders.

  • It puts you at a risk of mood, anxiety and panic disorders, even depression. While some take drugs to get relief from depressive symptoms, drug consumption only worsens the case.
  • Substances like cocaine can cause anxiety as a dose-dependent side effect. It can also induce the feelings of paranoia.

Behavioral effects of drug abuse

Drug abuse is not just about physical or mental disorders, it changes the way you behave. With different substances come habits that can begin to affect your relationships and lifestyle.

  • You cut yourself off from the social circle.
  • Have strong cravings for the substance; can’t quit even if you want to
  • Become secretive
  • Frequently lie to your family and friends
  • Get into debts or even legal troubles
  • Worsen relationships with unnecessary arguments and fights

Continuous use of drugs also increases your risk for sudden death. To prevent all of these health issues and life problems, it is important for all to stay clean. Never risk your health, peace and life for such substances.

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