The Ways to Cure Common Sports Injuries


Did your cricket match leave you with a muscle strain? It is common to get sports injuries like ankle sprain, muscle pull, knee injury, tennis elbow and other muscle strains, after a rigorous game on the ground. Here is how to prevent and cure common sports injuries:

Prevention tips

Prevention is always better than getting injured severely. You can minimize sports injuries with some safety measures.

  • Warm up before playing; it makes you more flexible
  • Stretch before and after
  • Use protective equipment
  • Consider environment factors
  • Follow training
  • Maintain a proper diet

Ankle sprain

It is common to get an ankle sprain when your foot turns inwards with a sudden jerk. It can stretch or tear the ligaments of your ankle. An ankle sprain is slow to heal. You can apply pain relief ointment to the affected area and cover it with an elastic bandage. You should keep some movement to prevent loss of flexibility and strength.

Groin pull

You can have a groin pull, strain of the inner thigh muscles caused by pushing off in a side-to-side motion. It is a common injury while playing soccer, hockey and baseball. You can heal most groin injuries using ice and by giving rest to your muscles. You must not indulge in any strenuous physical activity until recovery else, the groin pull can turn into a long-term problem.

Shin splints

Strenuous activities like running can cause shin splints – pains down the front of the lower legs. All sports that require you to run a lot can lead to shin splints. You can get relief from the pain through rest or may also use ice and painkillers.
If the pain remains even with rest, you should consult a doctor as chances are that you have got a stress fracture in your shin bone. It may take you a month to recover a stress fracture.

Knee injury – ACL tear

ACL, the Anterior Cruciate Ligament hold the leg bone to the knee. Sudden cuts or jerks may strain or tear the ACL. ACL tears are considered the most severe in sports injuries. You must rush to the hospital if you suspect an ACL injury. A completely torn off ACL may require surgery.

The PRICE principle

You can cure most sports injuries by restricting swelling and start healing faster with the PRICE principle.

  • P – Protect the injured area from further injury by using a splint or pad.
  • R – Restrict activity to prevent the injury from worsening.
  • I – Apply ice immediately; it is a miracle drug for sports injuries. It restricts swelling and inflammation.
  • C – Apply compression using an elastic bandage to reduce swelling.
  • E – Elevate the injured area above the heart to help reduce swelling.

Do not avoid any sports injury. Keep your first-aid ready. However, if your injury is severe, you should immediately visit a doctor for urgent medical assistance. This will help in relieving your pain at the earliest.

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