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Whole body pains- it can be fibromyalgia


Fibromyalgia is a disorder of musculoskeletal system which causes diffuse pain all around the joints and muscles. This does not involve only one part of body like shoulder or knee only but whole body is affected. There is pain even on lightly touching the affected area. Patient has decreased appetite and always fatigued. For those […]

Knee implants prices capped- benefit to patients by Dr. Gaurav Bhardwaj, Chief Knee & Hip Replacement & Arthroscopy Surgery, PSRI Hospital, New Delhi

Dr gaurav

An interesting news in today newspapers about government of India through National Pharmaceuticals Pricing Authority capping the prices of knee implants. As had been done in cases of cardiac stents there had been reports of profiteering in the implants and panel had been working to streamline the process. Since last evening, when this news came […]

liver cancer / tumor


The general perception about liver cancer is that it is the last stage of disease, and a patient detected with liver tumor has little life remaining. This was how I was taught when I was a medical student. Over the years as a liver surgeon, I have seen the management of liver tumors evolve- both […]

Treatments available for Heart Diseases


India’s leading cardiologist Padma Bhushan Dr TS Kler , Chairman and head of cardiology, PSRI Heart Institute, New Delhi said –” Angioplasty is very well established therapy, and now more and more patients of coronary artery diseases are treated with angioplasty rather than by-pass surgery.”   When is the need of Angioplasty or Why? Whenever patient has blockage […]

Eliminate hepatitis: we can do it together!

Hepatits day

Hepatitis is a group of diseases where the liver is infected by a virus. Some types (hepatitis A & E) spread through contaminated water while the other more dangerous hepatitis B and C spread by coming in contact with infected body fluids. The problem with these infections (hepatitis B & C) is that very often […]

Clotting in leg going into lungs can be deadly

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The incidence of spontaneous developement of clot formation in leg muscles called as Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and then migrating to lungs is called as Pulmonary Embolism (PE), is not uncommon and stands out as 1 in 1000.  Though anyone can develope this condition there are certain risk factors associated. The risk factors are immobility […]