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Liver Cancer Risk Factors

A liver cancer risk factor is anything that increases the chance of developing liver cancer. Since there are no widely recommended routine screening test for liver cancer, people with a family history should talk to the doctor about actions that can be taken to monitor or reduce the risk. The main risk factors associated with […]

Liver Cirrhosis: A Deadly Disease That Requires Immediate Attention

Liver Cirrhosis is a medical condition in which the scar tissues gradually replace the healthy liver cells. It is a disease that develops over several years. If this disease is left untreated for a long time then the buildup of scar tissues can eventually stop liver function. Signs and Symptoms A liver cirrhosis patient may […]

How to Repair your Liver after Long-Term Alcohol Abuse

Long-term alcohol consumption is the most common cause for liver-related illness, in most cases even leading to death. Being the primary organ to carry out alcohol metabolism, Liver is more prone to get affected by its abuse. Liver condition is considered as a very serious health issue which can lead to lethal outcomes. Although a […]

Pediatric Liver Care Post-Transplant Surgery

Parents of liver transplant recipient children have to face complicated health issues associated with their child. It is a lifelong process to live with a liver transplant. Your child has to take immunosuppressants and other medicines for the rest of his/her life. Regular checkups and follow up visits are required to ensure that the transplanted […]