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Women More Prone to Kidney Diseases than Men

Image Source: Pexels Women are more prone to kidney diseases than men, mainly due to anatomical and physiological reasons. As a woman, you are at a greater risk of urinary infections and chronic kidney diseases (CKD) when compared to men. Women are more prone to UTIs and Kidney Infections UTIs or urine tract infections are […]

Expanding the donor pool in Kidney Transplant


Dr. Sanjeev Saxena, Head Dept. of Nephrology Kidney transplant is a life saving treatment for kidney failure patients and now it can be easily done with almost 100% success. But the major problem with kidney transplant is shortage of organ donors. This contributes to growing transplant waiting list. Newer advancement in transplant techniques and medicines […]

What are Kidney Stones?

A kidney stone is a piece of solid material that forms in the kidney when minerals in the urine become very concentrated. Small stones often pass through the body with little discomfort, but larger stones can be very painful and even block the urinary tract. Kidney stones are more common in adults, but they can […]

Treating all the Complications of Kidney with Excellence

Department of Nephrology deals with all the complexities related to kidneys and bestow a broad spectrum of treatment options. At PSRI hospital, a renowned hospital, kidney health conditions are treated with medical and surgical treatment options with great accuracy. The best nephrology treatment in India is delivered by highly committed, focused and experienced nephrologists who […]

kidney Dialysis Treatment Services in Delhi at PSRI Hospital

“Delivering an array of hope through comprehensive treatment and cure” Kidney failure is a very gradual process if diagnosed at an early stage helps to reduce pain and save money also. It becomes imperative to observe the signs and symptoms for initial recognition of the kidney disease. When kidney stops filtering waste product from blood […]

Kidney Transplantation: Transforming life with Advanced Medical Procedures

PSRI is one of the most reputed hospitals in Delhi offers spectacular kidney transplant procedures and dialysis procedures with eminent nephrologists in Delhi. The kidney transplant surgeries hold the reasonable amount of complexities that are overcome by experienced and pioneer surgeons of the hospital. The entire nephrology team has performed hundreds of successful kidney transplant […]