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PSRI Hospital- Ushering orthopedic healthcare through the Best joint replacement surgeon in Delhi

Joint replacement surgery is complicated and requires a top-class surgeon to ensure that a person can lead a carefree and healthy post-operative life. PSRI Hospital is assisting patients lead a normal life by doing a remarkable and revolutionary work in healthcare sector in the country. Offering the top medical services in joint replacement, PSRI Hospital […]

Knee implants prices capped- benefit to patients by Dr. Gaurav Bhardwaj, Chief Knee & Hip Replacement & Arthroscopy Surgery, PSRI Hospital, New Delhi

An interesting news in today newspapers about government of India through National Pharmaceuticals Pricing Authority capping the prices of knee implants. As had been done in cases of cardiac stents there had been reports of profiteering in the implants and panel had been working to streamline the process. Since last evening, when this news came […]


This is a common observation patients complaining that their joint pain increases in cold weather. Same is noticed when patient visits mountains from planes like Delhi. Most of the time patients are explained this is their subjective feeling. Though no firm scientific reason has been established there is one theory of barometric pressure which to […]

Best Joint Replacement surgeon in Delhi

Bones and joints in human body have unique functions that help in mobility, support, protection and regulation of immune system. A place where two bones meet is known as a joint and the ligaments help them to remain together. Your body joints are in continuous use throughout the day making them prone to any accident […]