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What Alcohol does to your Body?

What Alcohol does to your Body?

A lot has been said about alcohol, hangovers and why you should not consume it. But do you know how alcohol affects your entire body the minute it enters your bloodstream? As the National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week (22nd-28th Jan) draws near, we share with you how your body reacts on booze. Moderate drinking has […]

Healthcare Trends to Watch Out For in 2018

Healthcare Trends

Healthcare industry has the potential to considerably disturb or improve human life. As we move into 2018, digital transformation and the growing contribution of artificial intelligence is set to transform the global healthcare industry. Real-time monitoring Various sensors enabled to track a patient’s vital signs will help in collecting real-time data through 24×7 wearable devices. […]

Are You at a Healthy Weight?

Are you at Healthy Weight?

Are you wondering what made us talk about ‘healthy weight’? Well, it is almost time for Healthy Weight Week, which is observed every year from 21st to 27thJanuary to help people achieve and -maintain a healthy weight. The concept behind observing this week is to spread awareness about the ill effects of being overweight as […]

Eat Healthy Stay Nutritious


Mrs. Debjani banerjee, Nutrition & Dietetics PSRI Hospital, Delhi Nutrition plays an integral part in every human being’s life. The food choices that individuals make each day affects the health in a great way. Good nutritious food is a way of leading a healthy lifestyle. Eating a balanced diet is vital for good health and […]

Cervix Cancer


What is cervix cancer? Cervix Cancer is the second most common cancer in women after cancer breast. It is caused by HPV virus. HPV Virus is transmitted by sexual intercourse. Who are the people at risk for cancer cervix? People who have unprotected sex i.e. sexual contact without use of condoms. HPV Virus is not […]

Top Gastroenterologist and Surgeons at PSRI Hospital India

Top Gastroenterology Surgeon in Delhi is highly qualified and experienced specialist whose main mission is to provide better-quality medical care to patients. He is easily accessible at super-specialist hospitals and provides impartial services during emergencies. A Gastroenterology Surgeon deals with patients who suffer from diseases related to gastrointestinal and liver disorders and need a surgical […]

Most Comprehensive and Dedicated Treatment of Liver

Liver diseases are the most common and life-threatening health conditions occur in India. Performing the significant functions, Liver processes fats, proteins and carbohydrates and also excretes digestive juice known as bile which can accumulate if the liver does not function well. A liver failure can lose the capability of the liver to clot the blood, […]