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Cervix Cancer


What is cervix cancer? Cervix Cancer is the second most common cancer in women after cancer breast. It is caused by HPV virus. HPV Virus is transmitted by sexual intercourse. Who are the people at risk for cancer cervix? People who have unprotected sex i.e. sexual contact without use of condoms. HPV Virus is not […]



By Doctor: Rakesh Tandon (Medical Director & Head of the Gastroenterology PSRI Hospital) GI Emergencies comprise 10-12% of all ER (Emergency Room) visits, yet have not been given adequate attention. The limelight is hogged by cardiovascular and neurological emergencies, as they are more dramatic, carry high mortality and affect the rich class of society. However, […]

Expanding the donor pool in Kidney Transplant


Dr. Sanjeev Saxena, Head Dept. of Nephrology Kidney transplant is a life saving treatment for kidney failure patients and now it can be easily done with almost 100% success. But the major problem with kidney transplant is shortage of organ donors. This contributes to growing transplant waiting list. Newer advancement in transplant techniques and medicines […]

Replacement Arthroplasty In The Upper Extremity

The indications of replacement arthroplasty in the upper extremity are ever expanding. With advances in implant designs, materials and surgical techniques, clinical and functional outcomes have improved and are in some cases comparable with the commonly performed total hip and knee replacements. This has also led to increased acceptability of these procedures and such replacements […]

Cervical cancer

Cervical cancer is a cancer arising from the lower narrow part of the uterus which depicts the entrance to the womb. Usually it is the symptomless in the early stages. If at all symptoms occur it is irregular menstrual bleeding in between periods or after sex or after menopause. Usually the cells lining the cervix […]

Case Study of Cancer Uterus

Patient by name Mrs. S.A came to our hospital with symptoms of post menopausal bleeding i.e. bleeding occurring after menopause. In a 70 years old woman, it is a dangerous presentation. On biopsy, we found out that she was a case of Cancer uterus MRI examination revealed that the disease was localized to the uterus. […]


Dr.Rahul Manchanda Senior Consultant-Endoscopic Gynaecology MBBS, MD, FICOG, FICMCH, FICS Gynae endoscopy is minimally invasive technique of performing complex surgeries of the uterus and ovaries through smaller cuts and natural body openings in women. Now in this era we should be happy that all normal gynaecological surgeries can be done by this technique which is […]

What are Kidney Stones?

A kidney stone is a piece of solid material that forms in the kidney when minerals in the urine become very concentrated. Small stones often pass through the body with little discomfort, but larger stones can be very painful and even block the urinary tract. Kidney stones are more common in adults, but they can […]