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Cardiac Arrest complications One Cannot Ignore

A sudden cardiac arrest can be life threatening and may result in unexpected loss of heart function, breathing and consciousness. A sudden cardiac arrest results from electrical disturbances in the heart that stops the blood flow and disrupts its pumping actions. It is important to know that a cardiac arrest is quite different form a […]

The Ways to Cure Common Sports Injuries

Did your cricket match leave you with a muscle strain? It is common to get sports injuries like ankle sprain, muscle pull, knee injury, tennis elbow and other muscle strains, after a rigorous game on the ground. Here is how to prevent and cure common sports injuries: Prevention tips Prevention is always better than getting […]

Signs you need a joint replacement

Sometimes, your joints may get worn off over time; especially those in the knees and hips. They may get so painful that medicinal treatments and physiotherapy may not be helpful and your doctor recommends joint replacement. What is a joint replacement? Joint replacement is a surgical process where experience orthopedic surgeons remove the damaged or […]

Missing a beat… not so romantic (arrhythmia)

The proverbial ‘missing/skipping of heart beat’ by sight or fond remembrance of loved one is a romantic thing. However, in context of cardiovascular health, things are not as pleasing. Heart beats in each of us constantly from the time the foetus is ten weeks old in its mother’s womb to the time one takes his […]