Case Study – Patient with Acute Ischemic Stroke, Diabetic, Hypertension

While enjoying coffee with her spouse one fine evening, 45 years old Shagun Sinha experienced sudden difficulty in talking, had a facial droop on her left side with weakness in left arm and leg. She also complained of a headache. Her husband spotted her losing balance and held her. He right away called for an ambulance, which reached them in 15 minutes.

When brought to the emergency department at PSRI Hospital, she was examined by neurologist Dr. Shamsher Dwivedee and team. Though the patient could understand questions, she was found to have slurry speech, dizziness, profound loss of left arm and leg power and high BP. Neurologists immediately diagnosed the patient for having suffered an acute ischaemic stroke.

The patient was diabetic and had suffered hypertension (controlled) in the past. An urgent CT scan of her brain was performed to rule out the risk of a brain haemorrhage. This was followed by a MRI scan. The reports showed no evidence of a haemorrhage. MRI demonstrated ischemic changes confined predominantly to the left middle cerebral artery, which was confirmed post cerebral angiography. The patient was provided advanced critical care in the presence of experienced critical care specialist, Dr. Anurag Mahajan and PSRI’s team of neurologists.

At the same time, Padma Bhushan Dr. T.S. Kler, an avid cardiologist ensured there was no risk of any cardiac complication due to high blood pressure, diabetes and improper blood flow. The patient was given proper medications and was kept under observation for 24 hours.

Immediate advanced care by specialists stabilised the patient’s condition. Though she resumed consciousness and was shifted to the general ward, she still felt weak and couldn’t stand without assistance of a second person when asked to do so. The doctors re-examined her for any neurological issues and suggested a few physiotherapy sessions.

The fourth day off her physiotherapy session, the patient was all fine to walk by herself and resume day-to-day activities, and was thus discharged. However, the patient has been prescribed a few medications and would have to visit once after 2 weeks to ensure there isn’t any risk of a stroke or other health problem.

PSRI Hospital’s emergency unit is fully-equipped to handle urgent and emergency care and is backed up by renowned physicians for advanced cardiology, neurology, nephrology, medical & surgical gastroenterology, orthopaedics, and transplant and critical care units.

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