Cancer in Pancreas Could Be Fatal, Ensure Timely Treatment

When there occurs an uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in any part of the body, it is termed as cancer. When such a condition occurs in the pancreas, which is a digestive gland, it is termed as pancreatic cancer. Fourth biggest cause of cancer deaths, pancreatic cancer can be fatal. Most of the times, pancreatic cancer occurs either in the head or in the neck of the pancreas. In some cases, it also occurs in the body or in the tail of the pancreas.


The biggest challenge that the disease of pancreatic cancer poses is its diagnosis in an early stage. Since there aren’t any noticeable symptoms or signs at the beginning of this disease, it becomes quite difficult to detect and diagnose pancreatic cancer at an early stage. However, as a word of caution, we would recommend you to visit a doctor immediately if you observe any of the following symptoms: –

1. Pain in the upper or middle abdomen and back
2. Jaundice
3. Nausea
4. Light coloured stools or dark urine
5. Weight-loss for no specific reason
6. Anorexia
7. Depression
8. Fatigue
9. Severe itching of the skin

The diagnosis and the treatment thereafter of this disease depends on factors such as the type and the stage of cancer. The different treatment options available for patients of pancreatic cancer include chemotherapy, ablation treatments, surgery, radiation therapy, and other drugs. What is noteworthy, however, is the fact that the best option for a particular patient of pancreatic cancer might include more than one form of treatment.

For a quick diagnosis, you are advised to seek the pancreatic cancer treatment. The doctor will first inspect you and if diagnosed with the disease, he will subsequently discuss the best treatment and care suitable for you. For those who are looking for the best pancreatic cancer treatment Delhi, PSRI Hospital is the most trusted and reliable institution that has been offering the best pancreatic cancer treatment Delhi for many years now. The doctors at PSRI guide the patient to make sure that he/she receives the best treatment. For this, they have a detailed discussion of the treatment options with the patient, including the goals and side effects of the treatment.

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