Beat Cancer with Personalised Care and Thoughtfulness

Millions of patients are diagnosed with Cancer every year in India and across the globe. But the actual journey starts after diagnosis of cancer. There are more than 100 kinds of cancer in the world. Cancer is a condition in which irregular cells divide uncontrollably and kills down the body mass and tissue. Most common types of cancer are breast cancer, Lung cancer, prostate cancer and Leukaemia and it is a leading cause of death globally. There is a significant need to stop this disease and there are numerous top-notch hospitals in India that provide better treatment.

PSRI Hospital is one of the best oncology hospitals in India and it provides its patients with well trained professional specialists and an experienced team of oncologists and paramedics; furnished with top-notch advanced equipment and facilities. PSRI gives satisfactory cancer treatment with a personalized care to the patients belonging to different countries across the world.

Some of the oncology services offered at PSRI are medical oncology for all adult patients, Thoracic Oncology, Muscular and skeletal oncology (sarcoma of bones and joints), Gastro-Intestinal oncology, Gynae-oncology (ovarian, endometrial, cervical, gestational, trophoblastic cancers, Head neck oncology, Pediatric oncology (children with all types of cancers), Neuro-oncology, Breast cancer and disease services.

This hospital proves to be the best oncology hospital in India by providing good quality healthcare using various advanced types of equipment and the latest medical technology accessible anywhere in the world. The hospital has a crew of hardworking doctors and researchers who are extremely trained and have the worldwide reputation, as well as researchers and analysts serving together in order, to develop new therapies and approaches for the benefit and efficient cure and care of the patient.

Many risks of cancer can be prevented by quitting smoking, maintaining a proper weight of the body, not consuming too much liquor, eating loads of vitamin and iron-rich vegetables, nuts and cereals and getting immunization against several infectious diseases.

The PSRI Hospital is considered to be the best oncology hospital in India and is known for providing state-of-the-art and effective chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormonal and surgical treatments.

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