Cervix Cancer

shutterstock_441051208What is cervix cancer?

Cervix Cancer is the second most common cancer in women after cancer breast. It is caused by HPV virus. HPV Virus is transmitted by sexual intercourse.

Who are the people at risk for cancer cervix?

  1. People who have unprotected sex i.e. sexual contact without use of condoms. HPV Virus is not only passed by penetrative sex but also caused by skin to skin contact & sex toys
  2. Early stage of sexual exposure and
  3. Multiple partners are very important contributory factors to HPV infection which again is a causative factor of Cancer cervix
  4. Smoking causes proneness to HPV infection
  5. Low socio-economic conditions,
  6. Low education is also found in high risk group.

So we should identify the high risk group & screen & treat them.

Symptoms: Lap test – Liquid Pap & HPV Testing.

To confirm – Biopsy test

Person who is HPV positive is at a 5 fold risk of progressing to cancer cervix. The test should be performed by an experienced Gynaecologist.

Preventions: HPV Vaccination is available in our hospital in 3 doses and can be taken by any female between 10- 45 years.

Dr. Birbala Rai,
Senior Gynaecologist and obstetrician- PSRI

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