Heart Surgery: Which Hospital to Visit?

Heart diseases have become too common these days, mainly because of the stressful and hectic lives we lead today. In order to know and understand what course of action ought to be undertaken in case one is suffering from a heart disease, it is very important to have some preliminary vital information regarding the disease(s), […]

Yoga – The Secret to Good Health

Yoga is an ancient Indian practice for healthy living. It focuses on establishing and maintaining harmony between your mind and body. Several studies have proved the effectiveness of yoga in improving flexibility, preventing cancer, asthma, and improving heart health. Still, don’t have enough reasons to start doing yoga? Let us share with you a few […]

Is Listening to Music Good for Your Health?

“One good thing about music is, when it hits you, you feel no pain”, said Bob Marley, a poet, songwriter and singer. Music has been an inseparable part of most cultures since times unknown. While good music can instantly lift up your mood and get your foot tapping, it can bring many health benefits too. […]

Men’s Health Tips for Father’s Day

Father’s Day (17th June) is a good time to remind all men in your life that you love them and want them around. Encourage them to care for their health and fitness so that they can be around for years to come. Perhaps, that’s the reason why Men’s Health Week was first introduced. The week […]

Saving Lives with Immediate Care at PSRI’s Emergency Unit

Sudden illness or injury may come uninvited, asking for immediate emergency care. In most emergency care cases like a road accident, brain injury, stroke, cardiac emergency, poisoning, fire injury, household fall or electric shock, you need urgent and accurate diagnosis followed by quick and appropriate treatment. During all medical and surgical emergency cases, you can […]

What Makes PSRI Hospital the Leading Multispecialty Healthcare Provider?

Established in 1996 as South East Asia’s first and foremost institute, providing advanced and comprehensive medical and surgical treatment, PSRI Hospital is today a multispecialty hospital of national and international repute. It has been recently awarded the leading Multispeciality Healthcare Provider Award 2018 by Elets for its excellent contribution to the healthcare industry. Known for […]