Just 2% Dehydration Can Affect your Brain Function


Image Source: National Geographic Channel The brain is undeniably the most important and the most complex organ in the body, which controls and coordinates every action, reaction, feelings, thoughts, memories and experiences – in all, everything that makes us human. While a lot has been researched about the brain, a lot is still unknown. Researchers […]

Beat Cancer with Care

Beat Cancer with Care

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) over 14 million people are diagnosed with cancer worldwide every year, of which about 8.8 million lose their life to the disease. These figures are enough to say how life-threatening this disease is and how painful it is to be living with cancer. Cancer patients need immense care […]

What Alcohol does to your Body?

What Alcohol does to your Body?

A lot has been said about alcohol, hangovers and why you should not consume it. But do you know how alcohol affects your entire body the minute it enters your bloodstream? As the National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week (22nd-28th Jan) draws near, we share with you how your body reacts on booze. Moderate drinking has […]

Oncology: Understanding Cancer, its Diagnosis and Treatment

Oncology, Understanding Cancer, its Diagnosis and Treatment

Oncology is a branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer. For anyone suffering from cancer, the greatest need is to understand the disease, its diagnosis, and treatment so that the patient, his/her family, and the healthcare team can work together to fight cancer efficiently. Cancer is basically a disorder […]

Healthcare Trends to Watch Out For in 2018

Healthcare Trends

Healthcare industry has the potential to considerably disturb or improve human life. As we move into 2018, digital transformation and the growing contribution of artificial intelligence is set to transform the global healthcare industry. Real-time monitoring Various sensors enabled to track a patient’s vital signs will help in collecting real-time data through 24×7 wearable devices. […]